Saturday, January 10, 2015

Welcome to The Truth Traveler Veterans and Friends Site

Welcome Everyone to The Truth Traveler Veterans and Friends site!  Thank you for stopping by!  Our goal is for veterans and others to share thoughts, articles, posts and ideas as a way of networking. We hope that by providing this venue articles written by YOU and posted as a way for veterans to share their thoughts on the direction America is headed and others can share as well and respond thereby creating our own little community of like-minded folks. This site is for, the listener to engage others and become part of something bigger.  Sharing ideas, thoughts and concerns will enable us all to forge lasting friendships and feel as alone and isolated in our own little worlds.

Looking forward to meeting and getting to know all of you.

I would like to address the veterans right now for a minute and say thank you for your service and sacrifices that every single one of you has made in order to protect our freedom. We hope to create a place for you to air your grievances and vent a bit. I, Erin, will never KNOW the pain you feel when you realize it was all a lie however, I can relate after being married to a veteran, Brad, for 10 years and watching him take the emotional and mental  journey into the difficult truths. Our goal is for you, the veteran, to meet others who want to learn from you - your knowledge is invaluable and your insights is priceless. Thank you.

This site will also be used to post articles written by me as a platform to share with others our concerns and ideas as well as preparedness.


Submission:  to post/submit articles you have written and wish to share please email them to me at:


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